Our new Engagement Deal




This Poster created specially for the beautiful couple Shan & Grace. We place this 4 feet tall poster at the entrance of the Reception Hall. Got a lot of appreciation for the quest.

Shan & Grace’s Wedding coming soon trailer

RTM Vetri Padiggal interview

[album layout] Prakash & Priya’s Honeymoon at Bali

We couldn’t have asked for anything more beautiful and perfect. We don’t want to go home!! Will see you again (Bali). Had a great time with Prakash and Priya. It’s just more than photography…


Voice Pilot Production is a wedding cinematographers. To capture the magic of wedding video, videography, HD, high def, high definition, blu-ray. Segaran and his team of cinematographers create projects from high quality wedding videos to full length cinematic wedding films and remains at the cutting edge of the industry.

DVD vs Blu-ray

Still think that Blu-ray is far from you? Still think that HD is futuristic? Same thing about DVD at only 2001, and that wasn’t so far ago. Some of the couples are still watching their wedding videos on VCD. Guess what they are thinking now – I should have asked for a DVD copy couple years back when they offered me one. Think again! major stations are now all broadcasting HD programs, when you eyes adapted to the HD quality, you won’t tolerant any SD image anymore. That means you don’t even want to watch your own wedding videos in SD, because it’s so UGLY!!!